Artist Statement

Charlotte Spafford’s mixed-media works evoke a collection of precious things, embodying whimsy, lightness, and the spirit of assembly. Using her unique visual language, Charlotte creates and organizes art objects-inviting the viewer to interact with and participate in her collection.

Using forms derived both from her imagination and the abstraction of real objects, Charlotte approaches her work with a sense of curiosity. Her work is deeply rooted in making, and aims to fully embrace a diverse range of media to its fullest extent.

About the Artist

Charlotte Spafford is an interdisciplinary, community-based artist born in London, England and based in Vancouver, Canada.

She studied Visual Art at the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC, and holds a Master’s-level diploma from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She has exhibited in venues across British Columbia and her artwork is held in private collections across Canada, the US, and Europe.