The Living Mobile

Community Arts Council of Vancouver Eco-Art Walk

Community Arts Council of Vancouver together with Green Streets and Britannia Community Services Centre presented their first ever EcoArt Walk in 2018. This pilot project invited citizen artists in Grandview-Woodland to create temporary eco-art installations in Green Streets gardens. Eco-art aims to spark dialogue, inspire caring and respect for the environment, and promote positive social action. Charlotte Spafford took this directive and created her eco-art installation, The Living Mobile.

In order to be moved to take steps to improve the state of our environment, we must first learn to appreciate it. When we walk in nature, we often come across things that seem precious: a perfectly smooth rock, a stick that fits perfectly in our hand, or a beautifully shaped leaf. These little objects provide valuable points of connection with the natural world.

The Living Mobile explores our relationship to what we deem precious and important. Mobiles are a tool for learning and developing the senses in children – and are often made of plastic and other synthetic materials. What would life be like if we taught children from a young age that nature was a source of learning, sense pleasure, and inspiration? What if instead of using plastic toys and tools, we fostered reverence for leaves and stones?